About Us

DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dancers Association)

is a ballroom-focused association providing a world-renowned curriculum, dance teacher exam structure, and student achievement program for its members, from social dancers to competitors.

Our Curriculum

Dance Vision Syllabus

The Dance Vision Syllabus was created in 2001, in
collaboration with industry champions and experts. It
is utilized by 400+ independent studios and dance
teachers world-wide and recognized by the National
Dance Council of America (NDCA).

All syllabus materials: manuals, charts, and video
demonstrations, are available on the Dance Vision
website or mobile app.

The Leader in the American Smooth & Rhythm Style

Beyond global recognition and use, our deep connection and history with American Smooth & Rhythm has solidified the Dance Vision American Style Syllabus as a cornerstone in the industry.

Our syllabi were created in collaboration with former American Champions and are revised frequently to ensure they are updated with the latest techniques.

What We Provide

Dance Teacher Exams

Interested in starting your career as a
dance teacher? Looking to take the next
step in your dance career? Become
professionally certified with DVIDA.

Student Achievement Awards

Are you showing your students how much
you care? Recognize their achievements
in a tangible way with DVIDA awards.

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