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Something for Everyone

Get Dance Vision Certified in the following styles:

American Smooth

Viennese Waltz

International Ballroom

Quickstep (slow & quick rhythm)

Club / Social

Argentine Tango
Night Club Two-Step

American Rhythm

Cha Cha
East Coast Swing

International Latin

Cha Cha
Paso Doble

Optional Dances

International Style
Viennese Waltz

American Style
West Coast Swing

How it Works

There are three main costs associated with achieving your dance certification:

1. Complete your examination:

Please see the certification exam prices below. These vary depending on the type of exam you are taking.

2. Examiner expenses:

Each examiner has their own hourly rate, and you will pay them directly. Additionally, you are responsible for any travel, accommodation and meal costs if the examiner does not live locally. In this case, it is a good idea to amortize these expenses by organizing a day of examinations that includes other professional examinations and/or student medal exams. Search for examiners in your area here.

3. Membership Fee:

The membership fee is $60. It must be manually renewed by you each year.

Certification Exam Pricing

When you’re ready to order your exam, please email tiffany@dancevision.com or call us at 702-256-2830.


Full Level Single Dance


Argentine Tango

Nightclub Two-Step




Jr. Associate Core

Jr. Associate Core (2nd Half)

Jr. Associate

Associate Completion (2nd Half)



Full Associate


Grand Master

Recertification Info

A candidate may receive certification from the Dance Vision International Dance Association using certification credentials from any N.D.C.A. Member Organization, or any internationally recognized professional organization by meeting the Recertification Requirements below:

(The test is approximately one hour per exam.)

  1. A copy of your previous exam papers (showing scores) must accompany this request and be submitted to DVIDA along with the Examination Application and all applicable fees.
  2. You must take and pass the dance portion (Part A) of the DVIDA exam in the same style and level of your existing certification. You will not be responsible for answering any questions on the theory of the dances.

You may be awarded an Associate (Bronze), Master (Silver), or Grand Master (Gold) Professional Degree.

Example: For a Smooth Recertification Exam, you will be required to dance all of the figures in the appropriate level(s) of the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Viennese Waltz with a partner, first as the Leader and then as the Follower. In addition, you will be asked to dance a Solo Amalgamation of three (3) to four (4) figures of the Examiner’s choice, to music to one of the four dances.

Please note:

You may not skip any exam level. If you were previously certified with another organization in levels Bronze thru Gold, you cannot just take the Gold recertification with DVIDA. You must take all 3 levels. Remember, only the dancing portion is required.

Exam Levels

Preparing For Your Exam

1. Decide which exam you will be taking, and study from the current Dance Vision manual and/or Dance Vision Subscription. (You have the option of using the DVIDA or ISTD manual for International Style Latin and/or Ballroom.)

Since 1992, Dance Vision has been the world leader in production of DanceSport instructional videos,  Featuring over 5,000 videos in every style & level, including our premier product, the Dance Vision Syllabi. Purchase a subscription at DanceVision.com to watch on the computer or via our App.

Dance Vision manuals are accepted by the NDCA (National Dance Council of America). Dance Vision manuals are used for DVIDA certification exams and Student Achievement exams. All Dance Vision Manuals can be purchased from DanceVision.com

Dance Vision Step Lists

2. Contact an examiner to schedule your test day, time and location. This must be done before purchasing an exam on our website.

3. Once exam has been taken, EXAMINERS must send in your DVIDA Exam(s) form to the DVIDA office:


9081 W Sahara Ave.
Suite 190
Las Vegas, NV 89117


(702) 256 – 4227

DVIDA Continuing Education Program

Learning should be a lifelong process. DVIDA is excited to announce that we are now offering recognition to DVIDA members that seek out professional development at DVIDA approved events.

DVIDA members that attend an approved event will receive a Continuing Education Certificate as recognition.  Member must be in good standing prior to the event. 

Why is continuing education important?

Through continuing education, career-minded individuals can gain new insight and become more proficient at their jobs.

Learn New Skills

Improve your skills and gain new ones.

Professional Development

Improve your teaching method and bring fresh new ideas to the job.

Improved Image

Standout amongst the rest. As the job market becomes increasingly more competitive, the importance of continuing education gets higher and higher. 

If you are interested in our Continuing Education Program, please email info@dancevision.com for an application.

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