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Donna Eng

Donna Eng was a competitive dancer from 1981 to 1989. In those short 8 years, she and husband, Wayne Eng, became 3-time United States Latin Finalists, United States Rising Star Vice-Champions, 3-time Blackpool Rising Star Finalists, and Eastern United States Champions. They have also represented Hong Kong in the World Latin Championships where they reached the semi-final round.
Donna and Wayne made a decision to retire from the competitive dancing arena to start a family. From 1983 to 1994, they also established their own independent DanceSport studio and quickly became one of the top independent studios in the nation.

In 1992, Donna and Wayne also founded Dance Vision, which has become the world leader in production and distribution of Dancesport instructional videos. Their company has produced over 500 videos, partnering with national and world dance champions. In 2001, the Dance Vision Syllabus was created to teach professionals how to instruct students in the world of dance. More than 400 independent dance studios and teachers have used their syllabus throughout the United States. DVIDA Syllabus is recognized by the National Dance Council of America. The Canadian Dancesport Federation recently adopted the Dance Vision American Style Syllabus as their official syllabus for certifying professional instructors.

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