First you must decide which certification you want to work towards. DVIDA offers Professional Examinations in American Style Rhythm & Smooth, International Style Standard & Latin, Argentine Tango, Nightclub Two-Step, Salsa and Hustle. It’s important to sit down and create a realistic timeline. Make sure you are studying from the current DVIDA Manual. Most importantly, have fun!

Additional Certification Resources

The Junior Associate exam is not required as a prerequisite for the Associate Bronze.

Click here for a closer look at each format.

With our new exam format starting in 2020, we want the examiner to be comfortable in whatever format they choose. When setting up your exam, you may choose the format that best fits your examiner’s needs:

  • PDF if you are not sure which format you want, we suggest this one. PDFs are compatible on almost any computer and/or device. You can either print this out to write on, or type your answers in.
  • (Microsoft) Word – If you are familiar with Word, we suggest using this format. You may also print or type your answers in this format.
  • (Microsoft) ExcelWe suggest this format ONLY if you are familiar with Microsoft Excel. This format goes one step further and calculates the scores for you! 

Even if you are an experienced dancer, you cannot skip the Associate exam.  Exams must be taken in sequential order.

No. You will be required to submit proof of prior certification papers (showing scores) with an NDCA recognized member organization as well as dance all of the figures, as Leader and Follower, in the level or levels you have been previously certified in. 

See Recertification type of exam under the About Exams section.

The candidate must have taken and passed their DVIDA Professional examinations in at least the Master (Silver) level. Then contact the DVIDA office to request an Examiner application.

Once filled out, you will send it in with your dance resume to Wayne Eng at wayne@dancevision.com.

You must complete your teaching exams with a NDCA recognized member organizations. (ex. DVIDA)

Then you will apply for an Adjudicator’s License with the NDCA.

They will require you to submit your exam papers showing scores to the NDCA Credential and Examination Board CEB) for approval.

You may contact the CEB chairman Diana McDonald at dmcdndca@aol.com or (973) 276-1170, for further information.

Click here for the preparation packet

Please contact Christopher Sochnacki with the Canadian DanceSport Federation at Csochnacki@gmail.com.

The CDF has adopted the DVIDA American Style Syllabus as its official Syllabi.

Updates to the American Smooth Elements for Closed Syllabus events at NDCA recognized Events.

To view or print Charts you may need to install a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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